Hi, I'm Masaya! I help ideas achieve a quality online presence.

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ASUS G14 laptop, decorative.

My Design Philosphy

In this busy world, we tend to overlook how important it is to keep things simple. My approach in creating websites and infographics is to deliver essential information in an easy-to-digest manner.

I consciously make an effort to make website navigations to be intuitive and accessible. Accessibility is a necessity, not an afterthought.

Golden Ratio


I'm constantly learning different technologies and software to complete projects efficiently.

Web Technologies

html cssjavascriptnextjsreactsvelte

UI Design

figmaadobe xd

Graphic Design

adobe illustratoradobe photoshop


Some of my previous projects to illustrate my approach to solving problems.


Certificate from CS50's Web Development with Python and JavaScript course.
Certificate from freeCodeCamp's Responsive Web Design course.

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